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Criminal Litigation

Within our specialized defense services in criminal matters, we perform the following activities:

- Specialized counseling related to the commission of crimes at the local and federal level.

- Attention to oral criminal trials in the local and federal level.

- Study and elaboration of the theory of the case.

- Analysis of precedence and management of alternative solutions to the criminal process.

- Assistance and defense in the investigation case.

- Preparation and presentation of amparo trials in criminal matters.

- Private investigation.

- Correspondence in federal criminal matters.

- Attention to criminal and federal procedures of the former criminal justice system.


As assistants to the victims of crime, we offer the following activities:

- Filing of criminal claims or complaints.

- Assistance as legal advisor of the victim.

- Private investigation in coordination with the Public Ministry.

- Study to support the theory of the case in conjunction with the Public Ministry.

- Exercise of criminal action by individuals.

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